chapter  5
28 Pages

Urban Land Use and Control Measures

ByAmbe J. Njoh

This chapter examines the flurry of land reform measures initiated during the immediate post-colonial era. The law assigns the State the crucial role of guardian and trustee of all land throughout the Cameroonian territory. An assignment is said to occur when a piece of real estate changes hands, thus entailing the transfer of a land certificate from the original owner to the purchaser or assignee. The administration of national lands falls directly under the purview of the State. One point of departure for arguments heralding the comparative cost-related advantages of an individualized land tenure system vis-a-vis communal ownership is the assumption that the latter is plagued by problems of ambiguity in terms of property rights. The act of employing land or landed property as collateral for loans in the traditional system is known as 'pawning'. The chapter explores the implications of state-initiated land reform initiatives for different societal groups in Cameroon. It describes marshal evidence to support the foregoing assertions.