chapter  9
26 Pages

Street and Property Identification

ByAmbe J. Njoh

This chapter examines the street and property identification system in Cameroon. It also examines number of approaches for street-naming and property identification that are potentially useful for urban centres in Cameroon. The problem of nondescript spatial structures is also a serious one in the provincial cities, where street names everywhere, including the central business districts, are not sign-posted. The chapter considers operatives of utility companies, including those responsible for the delivery of electricity, water and sanitation services, frequently face unnecessary delays in locating the addresses of consumers. It also considers that most streets in Cameroonian urban Centres, have been named after natural features as well as historical and political figures from the country's pre-colonial, colonial and post-colonial past. The chapter argues that the absence of a system in Cameroonian cities has negative implications for service delivery, socio-economic development, safety, security, town planning, public and record keeping in these cities.