Thirty Years of Language Dependence
Pages 37

Language dependence has been described as 'the canonical objection against the whole verisimilitude enterprise'. Language dependence may well be 'the canonical objection against the whole verisimilitude enterprise', but it has signally failed to reduce the popularity of language dependent definitions of verisimilitude, and many authors seem to have convinced themselves that it is an objection of little substance. As far as the verisimilitude of theories expressed in predicate logic is concerned, making the charge of language dependence stick is more intricate than might have been expected. Flight is a natural first reaction to a frightful event, and some writers have reacted accordingly to the proof of the language dependence of the method of assessing verisimilitude advocated by Pavel Tichy. The appeal to pragmatics is plainly intended to disable for good the accusation that language dependence implies a pernicious relativism.