chapter  12
Is Paraconsistent Logic Ever Used?
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The da Costa, Bueno, & French make the adventurous suggestion that the non-classical logical systems known together as paraconsistent logic may, unlike some other non-standard systems, perhaps have a genuine application. Since it is the point and purpose of paraconsistent logic to permit systems of statements that are inconsistent without being trivial, this does indeed seem to be a place where the paraconsistent approach might be illuminating. That paraconsistent systems of logic exist is important. It does not follow that they are used as systems of inference. Philosophers have not come to terms with the paradox of maternity by accepting it and resorting to paraconsistent logic in its management, but by the invention of a scientific theory that destroys one side of the contradiction. What is especially significant, however, is that not one thing of interest appears to be derivable from the converse assumption using any of the paraconsistent logics normally considered.