chapter  3
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Teichmüller and Perspective

The relation between Nietzsche's thought and the philosophy of Gustav Teichmuller was noted quite early in the history of Nietzsche scholarship, in a 1913 article on 'perspectivism' by Hermann Nohl. Nietzsche's version of perspectivism does not have the metaphysical bias of Teichmuller; he repudiates any 'true' or 'real' world over and above the world of perspectival appearance. Nietzsche and Teichmuller had some personal acquaintance. Teichmuller begins Die wirkliche und die scheinbare Welt by distancing himself from contemporary thinkers – although he praises Trendelenburg for his scholarship, and Hermann Lotze for his literary style. Teichmuller treats space similarly, as a construction commencing from our own perspectival standpoint. Teichmuller writes: 'If humanity were to lose these two senses, touch and sight, then the world of the senses would be posited by empirical science under forms of understanding which would have nothing to do with space, corporeality and matter.'.