chapter  7
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Analysing and Communicating the Results

This chapter discusses how best to analyse and communicate the results of customer service measurement. It focuses on analysing qualitative and quantitative data, presenting results, reactions to feedback, problem-solving techniques and decision-making frameworks. The benefit of qualitative research such as one-to-one in-depth discussions and focus groups is that it allows the organisation to explore views, opinions and feelings. A four-box matrix is a simple way of prioritising customer and organisational needs. Multiple voting is a consensus-reaching technique that enables a group to select a proposal sufficiently acceptable for all members to support. Brainstorming is a method of getting a large number of ideas from a group of people in a short space of time. It is the best-known and most frequently used technique for solving problems. Communication is the life-blood of customer service measurement. Unless the results of measurement are communicated and also the actions that are going to take place as a result, measurement becomes a pointless exercise.