chapter  4
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A New Interpretation of the Economic History of Medieval Egypt: the Role of the Textile Industry, 254-567/868-1171

I x) Serjeant, 14o-x6o. I2) Lombard, 44-59, for a survey of all linen producing areas in the medieval

period 13) Cursory mention of reforms is made by Hassan, "AI;unad b. '"fiiliin", EP, I,

279; Hasan,Les Tulunides, 230-233; H. A. R. Gibb, "'"fiiliinids", EI, 4, 835-836; C. H. Becker, "A}:tmad b. Tiiliin", EI, I, 19I; Ashtor, 126-I27. Ashtor variously attributes '"fiiliinid prosperity to industrial efficiency, 95-8; the incorporation of so many countries in the Muslim Empire, the intensification of commercial exchanges, and the flow of precious metals towards the Near East, 8o.