chapter  Four
St Bartholomew and its aftermath
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The St Bartholomew’s Massacres play a central role in the history of the religious wars and in the fate and direction of the Huguenot community in France as a whole, in the towns of Champagne, with several exceptions, they were a non-event. In Champagne proper, only Troyes suffered any real violence, though the city of Meaux in Brie, on the westernmost fringe of the gouvernement was also the site of a massacre. The Parisian massacre of course was and is the focal point of interest when it comes to the events of August 1572. The massacre in Troyes corresponds in several important ways with the massacre in Paris, although the similarities may be ascribed to similar circumstances rather than imitation. Huguenots in Troyes were understandably panicked by the news from Paris, and some at least sought to leave town.