chapter  Five
‘Personne n’en voulut manger’
The first Catholic League and the towns of Champagne
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The Edict of Beaulieu or Peace of Monsieur of 6 May 1576 brought to an end the fifth war of religion. Though the Peace of Monsieur contained several provisions designed to mollify Catholic opinion, there was no doubt as to which party benefited the most. The Peace of Monsieur, however, made the idea of a Catholic League both more appealing and more necessary in the eyes of many Catholics. In all of Champagne, only the municipal governments of Sens and Chaumont assented to the articles of the Catholic League. The years between the Peace of Monsieur and the death of the duc d’Anjou in 1584 saw little military activity in Champagne, at least in any organized sense. During the early 1580s, however, as Guise and the king subtly confronted each other over control of Champagne, it seems that Nevers and la Vieuville tried to mend fences with the urban government and elite.