chapter  15
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Sentencing in the Youth Court

The relatively straightforward sentencing structure – discharges, fines, community sentences and custody – applicable to young offenders as well as adults, set out in the Criminal Justice Act (CJA) 1991, is now somewhat more complicated in regard to juveniles. The principles regarding courts' powers to order the payment of compensation are the same for young offenders as for adults and maximum of £5000 for each offence is the also the same. A 'community sentence' means sentence which consists of one or more community orders, of which there are now substantial number available for young offenders of different ages. The administration and management of supervision orders is regulated by National Standards for Youth Justice as part of common code which covers reparation, action plan, referral and parenting orders as well. The basic order places young offender under supervision of designated local authority or probation officer or member of youth offending team for a period up to maximum of three years.