chapter  18
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Welfare Benefits

The 'welfare benefits' is used to encompass benefits payable by the state either on the basis of contributions paid or a particular status – childhood, old age or disability – or entitlement for a variety of reasons to income support. Some understanding of the legal framework of benefit, most recently codified in the Social Security and Benefits Act 1992, is necessary to comprehend the welfare rights system. The principal benefits, excluding retirement and industrial injuries benefit, are: jobseekers allowance, incapacity benefit, maternity benefit, bereavement benefits, and retirement pensions. Child benefit is payable for all children under school-leaving age, or aged 16–19 and in full-time education. Severely disabled people may be entitled to a disability living allowance (DLA), which has both mobility and care components, or an attendance allowance for those over the age of 65. Income support is the main income maintenance 'safety net' benefit.