chapter  6
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Parents, Guardians and Parental Responsibility

The current law provides that the mother of the child and the father, if he was married to the mother at the time of the birth or subsequently, have full parental responsibility. The legal guardian of a child has full parental responsibility in the place of a parent. The power to appoint a guardian to assume the place of the parent in the event of his or her death is one which can only be exercised by a parent with parental responsibility. Anyone wanting to apply for special guardianship order must give three months' written notice of their intention. The intention is that special guardian has sole responsibility for day-to-day decisions in child's life and in relation to his upbringing. Local authorities have duty to make arrangements for provision of special guardianship support services, and the assessment of need of children who are subject of special guardianship, or special guardians, for need for services, and determine whether to make provision.