chapter  9
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Children in Need of Protection

This chapter discusses the main child protection duties and powers of local authorities. A recent review of the next tranche of Department of Health funded studies, reflects on the continuing rise in the numbers of children looked after by local authorities on care orders rather than being accommodated on a voluntary basis. Where a court becomes sufficiently concerned about children who are the subject of any other family proceedings, to consider the need for care or supervision, they may order the local authority to investigate the child's circumstances. The shift towards the use of voluntary arrangements rather than compulsory intervention is at the heart of Children Act 1989. To help maintain the focus on child's welfare, in most public law proceedings CAFCASS children's guardian, will be appointed to safeguard the interests of the child. Since Victorian times, the police have had an extra-judicial power, enshrined in successive statutes, to respond to the need to provide emergency protection for children.