chapter  4
The Prophet of Letters: 1661–1698
Pages 48

I have wondered in myself of late, how I have been enabled to go through these many troubles and persecutions from devils and to write so much as I have, both in books and letters. It is almost unspeakable, were they calculated all that I have written: besides the many and various disputes, in answering the questions, both in saints and devils, both in prison and out of prison. But the God of my salvation never let the well that was digged in my soul, before I had a commission from him, to stand dry; but the well of living water did continually spring up in my soul, with new revelations, in opening the scriptures and to answer to every person’s quest and objection that could arise out of the heart of men. All questions in spiritual matters were easy to me; the revelation of faith in me never studied what answer to give.