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Speach to Parliament, March 1621

MY LORDS: the last time I came hither, my errand was to informe you (as well as my memory could serve mee, of things so long passed) of the verity of my proceedings, and the cautions used by me in the passing of those Patents, which are now in question before you; to the effect, that they might not bee abused in the execution: and this I did by way of declaration.2 But now I am come (understanding the time of your censure to draw neere) to expresse my readinesse to put in execution (which is the life of the Law) those things, which yee are to sentence (for even the Law it selfe is a dead letter without execution) for which office God hath appointed me in these Kingdomes. And though I assure my selfe, that my former behaviour, in all the course of my life, hath made mee well knowne for a just King; yet in this speciall case I thought fit to expresse my owne intentions, out of my owne mouth, for punishment of things complained of. The first proofe whereof I have given by the diligent search I caused to bee made after the person of Sr. Giles Mompesson, who though hee were fled, yet my Proclamation pursued him instantly: and as I was earnest in that, so will I be, to see your Sentence against him put in execution.3