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Wf-Tom docs this ftarely Navy bring ?O ! ’tis Great Britain's dorious King. Convey him then, ye Winds And Seas,Swiftas Defire andcalmas Peace. In your Refpeä let himfurvey What all his other Subjects pay ; And prophefie to them again The fplcndid fmoothnefs of his Reign. Charles and his mighty hopes you bear : A greater now than C^fars here ; W hofe Veins a richer Purple boaft Than evef Hero’s yet engraft5 Sprung from a Father fo auguR, He triumphs in his very duft. In him two Miracles wc view, His Vertue and his Safety too - For whencompell'd by Traitors crimes T o breathe and bow in forreigp Climes, Expos’d to all the rigid fate That does on wither'd Grcatneft wait, Plots agalnft Life and Confcience laid, By Foes purfu’d, by Friends betray’d j Then Heaven, hisfecret potent friend, Did him from Drugs and Stabs defend j And, what’s more yet, kept him upright ’Midft flattering Hope aridblobdy Fight. Cro/mvellhls whole Right never gain’d, Defender of the Faith remain'd, For which his Predeceflore fought And writ, but none fo dearly bought; Never was Prince fomuch bdieged, A t home provok’d, abroad obliged,