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S A B I N A . W hilft fuch a {hock my reafon did, As was too weak to weigh down either Scale ; T ill all my flattering hopes o f Peace were 'oft, T o be entirely Roman was my boaft. I f at Rome’s Fortune I difpleas’d have been, I quickly chid that mutiny within : And when her deftiny was not fo kind, If, for my Brothers, joy feduc’d my mind, By Rcafon’s help that motion I fupprefs’d, And wept for all the glory they poflefij’d. But now thefe Cities muft be loft or fav’d, That Rome muft fink, or Alba be enflav’d ; And after battel there no hope remains T o the fubdu’d, nor ftop to her that gains: I fliouldtoobarbarouflymy Country treat, I f I could be a perfeä Roman yet. A little lefs to one man’s love refign’d, T o neither C ity I will be confin’d i I fear for both, and whilft their Fate is try’d, I ftill will be on the affli&ed fide; Equal to each, whilft they unequal arc, And muft their Crief, but not their Glory {hare. For I rcfolve in fuch a {harp debate, T o mourn the Conquer'd, and the Viftor hate.