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You know his Sifter was no fooner led, By hapoy marriage, to my Brother’s Bed, But that my Father fpreft by him) defir’d, I fhould reward the loye I hadinfpir’d : That time produc’d happy and fatal things; A t once our marriage, and the W ar refolv’d, Our hopes created, and thofe hopes diflolv’d ; It promis’d all, and then fnatch’d all away, % It makes us Foes, and Lovers in a day ■: How violent our grief did then appear, How many blafphemics Heav’n then did hear, And from my Eyes how many Rivers fell, I tell you not, you faw our laft farewell. The trouble o f my Soul, you fince have ftrcn, And o f my vows for Peace have witnefs been ; A t every news in my diftraöed breaft, My Country and my Lover did conteft; Tofs’d with uncertain thoughts,! fled for cafe T o the relief o f facrcd Oracles: Judge if what yeftcrday I did obtain, Might not allure my drooping heart again, That famous Greek who at the Aventinc dwells, And Heav’n’s dark purpofes to men forctels, He whom A pllo never yet betray’d,