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I wholjy onthis anfwer did depend, And finding it my utmoft hopes tranfccnd, My Soul to raptures o f Contentment flew, Beyond what happieft Lovers ever knew. Judge o f their height; Valerius then I met, And could ev’n him behold without regret: Hefpokc o f Love too, and I that could hear, And never thought Valerius had been there; His Courtfhip could from me no anger draw, For every thing feem’d Curtins that I faw. I thought all founds told me how he did burn, And all myanfwers Eccho’d my return. The general Field which muft to day be fought, Iyefterday had heard, but minded not, M y Soul thofe fatal Obje&s did rejefi, And ftill on peace and marriage did rcfleft : But Night thofe charming errours has expell’d, And made my Soul to dreadful Vifions yield, Wherein vaft heaps of honour, Floods of Gore Did rob my Joy, and all my fear reftore : I faw men dying, and then loft the fight, A Ghoft appear’d, and then it took it’s flight; The fatal (hades, each others fhapq fupprefs, And by confufion terrour did incrcafe.