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T H us Rome hath not divided her efteem, Another choice to her unjuft would fcem: You,and your Brothers, this proud City calls, The greateft Souldiers that are in her W alls; And whilft before all, flic you three prefers, She all our Houfes braves with one o f hers j And one may think as this Eledion tuns,

D d d d Rome

Rome hath no Souldicrs, but your Fathers Sons: By this, three Families muft raife their Name, And nobly confecrate themfelvcs to Fame: Yes, by this choice we fomuch Honour fee G iv ’nto one Höufe, as might Eternize three; And fince in yours, my Fortune and my Flainc Hath plac’d a Sifter, and a W ife does claim, You juftly may expeä Concerns in me, From what I am, and what I am to be : But yet another reafon does conftrain M y Joy, and mingles with it much o f pain ; For your fam’d courage to that pitch is fiown, That Alba's hU already I bemoan. Her lofs is certain now ; and naming you, Ev’n Defiiny her felf hath fworn it too. In this Ele&ion I read Albas doom, And count my felf a Subjedi now o f Rome.