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Nor ever Man refified thus, No not great /fthanafim. No help o f Friends could, or Foes fpight, T o fierce Invafion him invite. Revenge to him no plcafurc is, He fpar’d t&eir bloud who gap’d for his j Blufh’d any hands the Englifh Crown Should faßen on him but their owa. As Peace and Freedom with him went, W ith him they came frcm Banifhment. That he might his Dominions win, He withhimfelf did firß begin : And, that befi viäory obtain’d, His Kingdom quickly he regain’d. Th' illufirious fu ff’ rings or this Prince D id all reduce, and all convince. He only liv’d with fuch fucccfs, That the whole world woüld fight with lefs* Aflißant Kings could but fubdue Thofe Foes which he can pardon too. He thinks no Slaughter-trophees good, Nor Laurels dipt in Sub jeös blood; But with a fweet refifllefs art Difarmsthe hand, and wins the heart ; And likeaGod doth refcuethofe W ho did themfelves and him oppofc.