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For we are all too partial to our own 3 But when compar’d to my diftrefs’d extreams, Your griefs will feem but melancholy dreams: A Husband's danger is your only care, W ith whom your Brothers never can compare 3 When to another Family ally’d, From our own kinred we are quite unty’d : Parents with Husbands no difpute admit, T o follow thefe, wc thofe can gladly q u it: But love when by a Father’s will made good, Is lefs than marriage, yet not lefs thau blood 3 And fo betwixt them our concern is toft, Our choice fufpendcd, and our wifrcs loft. But you may find a way amidft your fears, T o raife your wifhes, and rcftrain your tears : W hen i f Heav’n ftill its cruelty intend, I can wifh nothing, but all apprehend.