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O L D H O R A C E . I think your tears fo due to your diftrefs, That all my Courage fcarcecan mine fupprefs; And ev’n that Virtue might furrender too, W ere I as much concern’d in it, as you. Not that the Alkati choice makes me fo ftcrn, [To Sab. T o rob your Brothers o f my firft: concern i But friendfhip would in vain pretend to fway, When Love and Nature will difpute the Day j And my heart no fuch tendcrncfs receives, By which a Sifter, or a Miftrefs grieves ; I can look on them as the publick Foes, And give my Sons, my undivided Vows ; I thank the Gods their Countrey without fhamc May affertthem, as they have done their Fame j I faw what Glory all their Brows adorn’J, When thecompaflionof both Camps they fcorn’d ; I f any wcaknefsbad that pity fought, Nay had they notabhorr’d fo poor a thought, M y arm for fuch a wrong to Vengeance bent, Had punfth’d that degenerate content. But when the Field would needs the choice renewrj I muft confefs, I then defir’d it too, And if relenting Heav’n had heard my voice, Alba had been reduc’d to other choice; The Horaces had then triumphant ftood W ith Swords unftaincd in the Curtian Blood, And by a Combat lefs to Natures fhame. Had fav’d the Honour ofthe Roman name. But otherwife the mighty Gods cicfign,


And their high pleafure muft determinemine. V\ i:h generous thoughts f build my great refolve, And in the pub’iek Int’rcft mine involve j Take you ihateourfeto ftop your forrows growth, Rem< mb’ring-rhis that you are Romans both. *You are by birrh,what*>ou by vows becamc*/o Cam. Ai d tlieit’s a noble Fortune in that Name. *to Sab. R:,n/c fhal1 hereafter to that Empire grow, That the whole W o Id fhall to her Enfigns b o w ", The trembling Univerfe her Yoke fhall bear, And Kings' <hall court the Title that you wear. This our J.Eneas from the Gods obtain’d.—

S C E N . V I.