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Yet hath a great becoming Meen and Air, Which fpeaks him Royal fpight o f all his care: Soth* Iflues o f thy Soul can ne'rebe hid, And the Sun’s force may be as foon forbid As thine obfeur’d ; there is no fhade fo great Through which it will not dart forth Tight and heat. Thus we difcover thee by thy own Day, Againft thy will fnatching the Cloud away. Now the Piece fhines, and though we will not fay, Parents can Souls, as Taper lights, convey ; Yet we muß grant thy Soul tranfmitted here In beams almofi as lairing and as clearAnd that’s our highefi praife, for but thy Mind, Thy Works could never a refemblance find. That mind whofe fearch can Nature’s fecrethand A t one great firoke difcover and command, Which cleareth times and things,before whofe eye? Nor Men nor Notions dare put on difiguife. And were all Authors now as much forget As profperous Ignorance her felf would plot, Had we the rich fupplies o f thy own breaft, The knowing World would never mifs the refh Men did before from Ignorance take their Fame,