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A S in a Triumph Conquerors admit Fheir rm aneft Captives to attend on it,W ho, though unworthy, have the power confeft, And jfu'ftifi*d the yielding o f the reft i So when the büße World (in hope t’cxcufe Their own furprile) your Conquefts do perufe, And find my name, they will be apt to fay, Your charms were blinded, or elfe thrown away. There is no honour got in gaining me, W ho am a prize not worth your Victory. But this will clear you, that ’tis general, The woi ft applaud what is admir’d by all. But I have plots in‘t : for the way to be Secure o f fame to all pofterity^ Js toöbtainthe honour I purfue^ T o tell the W orld I was fubdu’d by youAnd fince in you all wonders common arc, Your Votaries may in your Vcrtucs fhare, W hile you by nqjble Magick worth impart She that can Conquer, can reclaim a heart. O f this Creation I (hall not defpair, Since for your owil fake it concerns your care.