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And that fo piercing when (he Judgment takes, She‘doth not fearch, but Intuition makes: And her Difcoverieß more cafie are Than Cafart Conqueft in his Ponticb^ War. As bright and vigorous her beams are pure, And in their own rich candour fo feenre, That had (he liv'd where Legends were devifed, Kottie had been juft, and fhe been canonized. Nay Innocence hfcr felf lefs clear muft be, I f Innocence be any thing but (be. For Vertue** fo congenialto her mind, That Liquid things, or Friends, are lefs combin’d. So that in her that Sage his wi(h had feen, And Vcrtue's felf had perforated been. Now as diftilled Sirpples do agree, And in th’ Alembick lofe variety•, So Vertue, though in pieces fcattcr’d ’twas, Is by her Mind made one rich ufeful mats. Nor doth Difcretion put Religion down, Nor hafty Zeal ufurjSthe Judgment’s crown. Wifdom and Friend/hip have one fingle Throne, And make another Friendfhip o f their own. Each fev’ral piece darts fuch fierce plcafing rayes, Poetick Lovers would but wrong in praift. A ll hath proportion, all hath comlinefs, And her Humility alone excefs. Her Modefty doth wrong a W orth fo great, Which Calumny her felf would noblier treat: W hile true to Friendfhip and to Nature’s truft, T o her own Merits only (he’s nnjuft. But as Divinity we beft declare By founds as broken as oar Notions are; Soto acknowledge fnch vaft Eminence, Imperfeft Wonder is our Eloquence.