chapter  44
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But fhe, though fcnfible, was ftill the fame, O f a refigned Soul, untainted Fame, Nor were her Vertues coarfly fet, for fhe Out-did Example in Civility. T o beftow bleflings, to oblige, relieve, Was all for which fhe could endure tolive. She had a joy higher in doing good, Than they to whom the benefit accru'd. Though none o f Honour had a quicker fenfe, Never had Woman more o f complacence 5 Yet loft it not in empty forms, butftill Her Nature noble was, her Soul gentile. And as in Youth fhe did attraft, (for fhe The Verdure had without the Vanity) So fhe in Age was mild and grave 'O all, Was not morofe, but was majeftical. Thus from all other Women fhe had skill T o draw their good, but nothing o f their ill­ And fince fhe knew the mad tumultuous W orld, Saw Crowns revers’d, Temples to ruinc hurl’d j She in Retirement chofe to fhine and burn, As a bright Lamp fhut in fome Roman Urn. Atlaft, when fpent with ficknefs, grief and age, Her Guardian Angel did her death prefage -■ ( So that by ftrong impulfc fhe chearfully Difpenfed bleflings, and went home to die ; That fo fhe might, when to that place removed, Marry his Afhes whom fhe ever loved) She dy'd, gain’d a reward, and paid a debt. The Sun himfelf did never brighter fct. Happy were they that knew her and her end, More happy they that did from her defcend : A double blefling they may hope to have, One fhe convey’d to them, and one fhe gave. All that are hers are therefore fure to be Bleft by Inheritance and Legacy.