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As in the Moon’s Eclipfe fome Pagans thought Their barbarous Clamours her deliverance wrought.- So we fuppofe thafcTruth opprefled lies, And needs a Refcue by our Enmities, But ’tis Injuftice, and the Mind's Difeafe, T o think of gaining Truth by lofing Peace. Knowledge and Love, if.true, do ftill unite; God’s Love and Knowledge are both Infinite. And though indeed Truth does delight to lie A t fome Remotenefs from a Common E y e ; Y e t ’tis not in a Thunder ora Noife, But infoft Whifpersand the ftiller Voice. W hy fhonld we then Knowledge fo rudely treat Making our weapon what was meant our meat ? ’Tis Ignorance that makes us quarrel fo j The Soul that’s dark will be contra&ed too. Chimxra s make a noife, fwelling and vain, And foon refolve to their own fmoak again. But a true Light the fpirit doth dilate, And robs it o f its proud and füllen ftate Makes Love admir’d becaufe ’tis underftood, And makes us Wife becaufe it makes us Good ’Tis to a right Profpedt o f things that we Owe our Uprightnefs and our Charity. For who refills a beam when (hining brighr, Is not a Sinner o f a common height. That ftate s a forfeiture, and helps are fpent, Not more a Sin, than’tisa Punifhment. The Soul which fees things in their Native frame, W ithout Opinion’s Mask or Cuftom’s name, Cannot be clogg’d to Senfe, or count that high Which hath its Eftimation from a Lie. ("Meanfordid things, which bymiftake wc prize, Andabfent covet, but enjoy’d defpife-) But fcorning thefe hath robb'd them o f their art, Either to fwell or to fubduethe Heart ; And Iearn’d that generous frame to be above The World in hopes, below ir all in love:


Touch’d wich Divine and Inward Life doth run, Not refting til I it hath its Centre won , Moves fteadily until it fafe doth lie I*th’ Root o f all its Immortality ; And refting here hath yet activity T o growmörc like unto the D e ity ; Good, Univcrfal, W ife and Juftas he, (The fame in kind, though diff’ring in degree) T ill at thclaft ’tis fwallow’d up and grown W ith God and with the whole Creation one J It felf, fo fmall a part, i’th’ W hole is loft, A n d Generals have Particulars engroft. That dark contraÖcd PerfonaJity, Like Mifts before the Sun, will from it flie. And then the Soul, one fhining fphear, at length W ith true Love’s wifdom fill’d and purged ftrength, Beholds her higheft good with open face, And like him all the World fhe can embrace.