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And in the. luftrc of your Eyes alone, I low near you were allied to the Throne : Which yet doth left'en you, who cannot need Thofe bright advantages which you exceed. For you arc fuch, that your Defcenc from Kings Receives more Honour from you than it brings: Asmuch abovctheir Glories as our Toil. A Court to you were but a handiom foil. And if we name the Stock on which you grew, ’ Tis rather to do tight to it than you : For thofe that would your greatcft fplendour lee, Muft read your Soul more than your Pedigree. For as fhe facred Temple had withe .t Beauty to feed thofe eyes that gaz’d about, And yet had riches, ftate, and wonder more, For thofe that flood within the fhining door j But ini the Holy place the admitted few, Luftre receiv'd and Infpiration coo So though your Glories in your Face be fcen, And fo much bright Inftrufiion in your Meen; You arc not known but where you will impart The treafurcsof your more illuftrious Hcarr. Religion all her odours fheds on you, W ho by obeying vindicate her too : For that rich Beam o f Heaven was a lino ft In nice Difputes and falfe Pretences loft y So doubly injur’d, fhe could fcarcc ftibfift Betwixt the Hypocrite and Cafuift^ T ill you by great Example did convince Us of her nature and hcrrefidence, And chofe to fhew her face, and cafe her grief, Lefs by your Arguments than by your Life *, Which, if it fhould be copied our, would be Afolid Body of Divinity. Your Principle and Pra&icc light would give What we fhouM dp, and what wc fhould believe : For the extenfive; Knowledge you profcls, You do acquire with more cafe thanconfcls.