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As Love, or Vows, or Friendfliip can endear I have no thought but what’s to thee reveal'd, Nor thou defire that is from me conceal’d. Thy Heart locks up my Secrets richly fet, And my Breäft is thy private Cabinet. Thou Ihcd’fi no tear but what my moifiure lent, And if I figh, it is thy breath is fpent. United thus, what Horrour can appear Worthy our Sorrow, Anger, cr our Fear ? Let the dull World alone to talk and fight, And with rheir vafi Ambitions Nature fright j Let them defpifc fo Innocent a flame, W hile Erivy, Pride and Fa£iion play their game : But we by Love fublim’d fo high fliall rife, T o pity Kings, and Conquerours defpifc, Since We that Sacred Union have engrofi: W hich they and all the faäious World have 1 ofi.