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T PIis Is confcft Prefutnption, for had I All that rich fiock o f Ingenuity Which I could vvifh for this, yet would it be Vahxmons blot, a pious Injury. But as no Votaries are fcorn’d when they The meaneft Vi&im in Religion pay Not that the Pow’r they worfliip needs a Gum, But that they fpeak their thanks for all with fome: So though the moft contemptible o f all That do thcmfelvcs falxmons Servants call, I know that Zeal is more than Sacrifice, ('For God did not the W idow’s Mite defpife,^ And that Talamon hath Divinity, And Mercy is hishigheft property : He that doth fuch tranfcendent Merit own, Muft have imperfeft Offerings or none. He’s one rich Luftre which doth Raycs difpenfe, As Knowledge will when fet in Innocence. For Learning did feleft his noble breaft, Where (in her native Majefty) to reft ; Free from the Tyranny and Pride o f Schools, W ho have confin’d her to Pedantick Rules ; And that gentiler Errour which does take Offence at Learning for her Habit’s fake : Valxmon hath redeem’d her, who may be Eftecm’dhimfelf an Univerfity ; And yet fo much a Gentleman, that he Needs not (though he enjoys) a Pedigree. Sure he was built and fent to let us know W hat man completed could both be and do. Freedom from Vice is in him Nature's part, W ithout the help of Difcipline or Art. He’s his own Happincfs and his own Law, Whereby he keeps Paffion and Fate in awe.