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BE kind, my dear Kofania, thodgh ’tis true Thy Friendfliip will become thy Penance too; Though there be nothing can reward the pain, Nothing to fatisfie or entertain ; Though alt be empry, wild, and like to me, W ho make new Troubles in. my Company : Y et is the action more obliging great *, ’ Tis Hardlhip only makes Defert complete. But yet to prove Mixtures all things compound, There may in this be fome advantage found ; For a Retirement from the noife o f Towns, Is that for which fome Kings have left their Crowns: And Conquerours, whofe Laurel prcft the brow, Have chang’d it for the quiet Myrtle-bow. For Titles, Honours, and the W orld’s Addrefs, Are things too cheap to make up Happinefs; The eafie T ributc o f a giddy race, And pay’d lefs to the Perfon then the place. So falfe reflefled and fo (hört content Is that which Fortune and Opinion lent, That who moll try’d it have of Fate complain’d, W ith Titles burthen’d andtogrcatnefs chain’d.