chapter  104
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Hung full o f hopes thou fell’ft a lovely prize, Juft as thou didft attraö all Hearts and Eyes. Thus we might apprehend, for had thy years Been lengthen’d to have paid thofe vaft arrears The World cxpeSed, we fliould then conclude, The Age o f Miracles had been renew’d. For thou already haft with cafe found out What othersfludy with fuch pains and doubt; That frame of Soul which is content alone, And needs no Entertainment but its own. Thy even Mind, which made thee good and great, Was to thee both a fhelter and retreatO f all the Tumults which this W orld do fill Thou wert an u.nconcern’d Spefiatour ft ill: And. were thy duty punäually fupply’dj Indifferent to all the World befide. Thou wert made up within refolv’d and fix’d, And wouldft not with abafe Allay be mix’d', Above the W orld, couldft equally defpife Both its Temptations and its Injuries } Couldft fumme up all, and find not worth defire Thofe glittering Trifles which the moft admire; But with ä nobler aim, and higher born, Look down on Greatnefs with contempt and fcornThou hadft no Arts that others this might fee^ Nor lov'dft a Trumpet to thy Piety : But filent and retir’d, calm and ferene, Stol’fttothy bleffed Haven hardly feen. Ir were vain to deferIbe thee then, but now Thy vaft acceflion harder is to know How full o f light, and fatisfi’d thou art, So early from this treach’rous W orld to part, How pleas'd thou art reflexions now to make, And find thou didft not things below m iftike; In howabftraficd converfe thou doftlive, How much thy Knowledge is intuitive j How great and bright a glory is enjoy'd W ith Angels, and in Myfteries employ'd.