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In vain, alas 1 we ftrugglc with our chains, But more entangled by the fruitless pains. For a? i’th’ great Creation o f this All, Nothing by chance could in fuch order fa ll; And what would fingle be deform’d confeft, Grows Beauteous in its union with the reft: So Providence like Wifdom we allow, (Forwnac created once does govern now) And the fame Fate that feems to one Rcverfe, Is neceflary to the Univerfe. AU thefe particular and various things, Link’d to their Caufes by fuch fccrct Springs, Are held fo faft, and govern’d by fuch Art, That nothing can out o f its order ftarr. The World’s God’s watch, whole nothing isfofmall, But makes a part o f what compofes a ll: Could the leafl Pin be loft or elfe difplac’d, The W orld would be diforder’d and defac'd. It beats no Pulfe in Y a i n , but keeps its time, And undifcern’d to its own height doth climb j Strung firft, and daily wound up by his hand W ho can its motions guideand underftand. No fecret cunning then nor multitude Can Providence divert, crofs or delude* And her juft full decrees are hidden things, Which harder are to find then Births o f Springs. Yet all in various Con.forts fitly found, And by their Difcords Harmony compound. H&tetOis that Order, Life and Energy, Whereby Forms are prefer v’d though Matters die ; And ftiifting drefs keep their own living ftate: So that what kills this, does that propagate.