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WHcn C od contraöed to Humanity, C oubiiigb and fufTer,cptibibcfick ancfidie; When all the heap o f Miracles cotnfeinM T o form the greaucft, wnich xrasi, falvc Mankind.1 Then God took ftandin Chrift, ftudylng a way Howto repair the Ruin’d W orld's decay. His Love, Pow’r,Wi(üoö5 muft fortio mean* procute HisMorcyfto advance, Jpfticefecure: And fince Man iri luvh Mifery wasJburl’d, It coft him more toTawc fchemnake the World, O h { what a defp’rate taaffsff fins had Wcr When God muft plot for our Felicity ? When Godmuft beg uprfuithemayforgive, And dye himfeJf bcforcrMankind could live 1* And what ftiü dre tVe, when ourKing in vain Begs his Toft Riebels to be Ftiendragjfin ? What flouds o f Love proceed from Hcavcn’sfmile, At orrce topardouatid.tQ reconcile P What God ilitfcfelf hath made hetancothate, F o r ’tis onea£f to Love and to Cteatc : And he’s tooperfeft fuJI o f Majefty, T o need additions froirroinr Mifcry. He hath a Father’s, not a Tyrant’s, ;oy , Shews mote hi« Pawlr to lake, tben to deftroj» Did there ten thoufand W orfdkm rtunfc fa l ,


One God could fave, one Chrjfi: redeem thempH, Be filenCthcji^yciDarrow-Souls, takehecd Löft-üiurefiram the Mercy you will need. Rut O m y Soul, from thefe be different, Imitate thou a.nobler PreecdcBf - As God with open Arms the W orld docs tvoo, LearjR fboulikeG od to be enlarged too j Aslte begsthy cohfentto pardon dice, Learn to Fubmk.untocby Enemy \ As ho ftandsaeady thee to entertain, Be thou as Forward to return again As he was Crucify'd for and by thcc, Crucifie thoil what caus'd Ilk Agony ; And life to him beiuortify’dto fin, D ie io tftfc World as he dy’d for it then.