chapter  7
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o tbc Queen s Majeßy, on her late Sickncfs and

T He publick Gladnefs that’s to us rcfior’d,For your cfcapc from what we fo deplor’d, W ill want as well refcmblance as belief, Unlefs our Joy be mcafur’d by our Grief. When in your Fever wc with terrour faw At once our Hopes and Happinefs withdraw ; And every crips did with jealous fear Enquire the News we fcarce durfi /lay to hear. Some dying Princes have their Servants (lain, That after death they might not want a Train. Such cruelty were here a needlefs fin } For had our fatal Fears prophetick been, Sorrow alone that fervice would have done, And you by Nations had been waited on. Your danger was in ev’ry Vifage feen , And onely yours was quiet and ferene. But all our zealous Grief had been in vain, Had not Great Charles’s call’d you back again : W ho did your fuff’rings with fuch pain difccrn, He lofi three Kingdoms once with lefs concern. Lab’ring your fafety he negletficd his, Nor fear’d he Death in any fhape but this. His Genius did the bold Diftcmper tame, And his rich Tears quench’d the rebellious Flame, At once the Thracian Hero lov’d and griev’d, Tijl he his lofi: Felicity retriev’d j And with the moving accents of his wo His Spoufc recover’d from the fiiadcs below. So the King’s grief your thrcatncd lofs withftood, W ho mourn’d with the fame fortune that he woo’d : And to his happy Paflion we have been Now twice oblig’d for fo ador’d a Queen. But how feverc a Choice had you to make,

When you muft Heav’n delay, or Him forfake ? Yet fince thofe joys you made fuch hafte to find Had fcarce been full if he were left behind, How well did Fate decide your inward ftrife, By making him a Prefentof your Life > Which refcu’d Blefiing he muft long enjoy, Since our jOffences could it not deftroy. For none but Death dürft rival him in you 5 And Death himfelf was baffled in it too.