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AD or’d Valeria,and can you conclude,Orinda loft in fuch Ingratitude ? And io mif-fpell the Language o f my ftce, W hen in my heart you have fo great a Place ?


Ah be aflur’d I could no look direö T o you, not full o f paflion and refpeft. Or if my looks have play’d that treach’röus part, And fo much mif-interpreted my heart, ] fhall forgive them that one falfhood, lefs Than all their folly, and their uglinefs, And had much ratherchufe they fhouldappear Always unhandfome, than onceunflncere. Bur 1 m"ft thank your errour, which procures Me fuch obliging jealoufie as yours. For at that quarrel I can ne’re repine, ('mine. Which (hews your kindnefs, though it queftions T o your Concern I pardon your diftruft, And prizeyourLove,ev’n when it is unjuft.