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GReat Fowpey's Fame from Egypt made cfcape, And flies to you for fuccour in this lhapc A lhape, which, I allur’d him, would appear, Nor fit for you to fee, nor him to wear. Yet he fays, Madam, he’s refoiv’d to come, And run a hazard o f a fecoad doom : But ftill he hopes to bribe you, by that truft You may he kind, but canriot be unjuft ; Each o f whofe favours will delight him more, Than all the Lawrelsthat his temples; wc*e Y et if his Name and his misforturtesfail, he thinks my interceflion will prevail And whilft my Numbers would relate his end, Not like a Judge you’l liftcn, but a friend i For how can either o f us fearyour frcwvn, Since he and Fare both fo mu£h yopr own*

But when you wonder at my bolddefign, Remember who djd that high task enjoin » T h ’illuftrious Orrery, whofb leaft command, You would more wonder if I could withftand : O f him I cannot which is hardeft tell, Or not to praife him, or to praife him well i W ho on that height from whence true glory came, Does there pofleffc and thence diftcibute fame i Where all rheir Lyres the willing Mufeß bring. T o learn o f him whatever they flyall fing > Since all muft yield,whilft: there art Books or M;n>

The Univerfal Empire to his Pen On! had that powerful genius but infpir’d The feeble hand, whofe fervlce he requir’d, Ir had your iufticethen, not mercy pray’d, Had pleas’o yoif more, and better him obey’d.