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Whom worth does guide and deftiny obey, What Offerings can the ufelefs Mufcs pay ? Each muft at once fufpend her charming Lyre, Till fhe hath learnt from you what to infpirc : W ell may they wonder to obferrc a Knot, Socurioufly by Love and Fortune wrought, T o which propitious Heaven did decree, A ll things on earth fhould tributary b e ; By gentle,fure, but unperceiv’d degrees, As the Sun’s motion, or the growth o f Trees , Does Providence our wills to hers incline, And makes all accidents ferve her delign : Her Pencil ( Sir) within your brcft did draw The Piöureof a Face you never faw, W ith touches, which fo fweet were and fo true;, By them alone th’ original you knew ; And at that fight with fatisfa$ion yield Your freedom which till then maintain’d the field. JTwas by the fame myfterious power too, That fhe has been fo long referv’d for y o u } W hofe noble paflion, with fubmiflivc art, Difarm’d her fcruples, and fubdu’d her heart And now that at thelaft your Souls are ty ’d, Whom floods nor difficulties could divide, Ev’n you that beauteous Union may admire, W hich was at once Heaven’s care, and your defirc.