chapter  1
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And draggxluialicionfly in to n e Ligh€. ( Which makes fcer like the Hebrew Virgin mourn When from herfdueher Vail was rudely tern) T o you f-my Lord) fhe now fopfijecow calls, And at your feet, with juft CtMlfofion falls. But Hie will thaftk the wrong ek-ferv'd her Hate, If it procure her thaft anfijfc&ious' Fate, That i he fame-wing wtiyover hep b t caft, Where the bell Cjuirchofall the Worldisjylac^d, Aud under which, when The is once retfrVij She really may come to be inf^fr*d. And by the Wonders which (he there (hall view. May r<>ife he# felftofueh a Theme as you, W ho were prefervd to Gbvernand Rofto<e That Church whofe Confefipu# you were befoiw-» And (hew by your unwearyd prefeneCare* Yourluff'rings are not-ettded, fßotfgh hersän^r For whilft your Crofier her defence fccures, You purchafe her Reft with the Lofs ofyours, And Hcav’n who firft refin’d your worth, and then, Gave it lo large and eminent a Scene, Hath paid you what was many ways your due, And done it felf a greater Right then you. For after fuch a rough and tedious Storm Had torn the Church, and done herfoxnuch.harm.i And ( though at length rebuk’d, yet) left behind Such angry reliqucs, in the Wave and Wind } No Pilot could, whofe skill and Faith were lefs, Manage the fhattcr’d Veflel with Succefs. The Piety o f the Apoftles Times, And Courage to refift this Ages Crimes ; Majcftick fweetneft, temper'd and refin’d, In a Polite, and Comprehenfive Mind, Were all requir’d her Ruines to repair, And all united in her Primate are. In your afpeft fo Candid and Serene, The Conscience of fuch Vertue may be fecn, As makes the füllen Schifmatick confent,