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Aa. n. scen. iv.

P T O L O M Y . I have obfcrv’d thy Counfel, but find fince T o flatter her, but fwells her infolence. For with her Pride file did affront me fo, That I at laft fell into Paflion too. This Arm enrag d by her, could fcarce forbear C Without a Thought that Ciefar was fo near) Difpatehing her ( as fafe as (he does feem j T o have complain’d to Pompey, not tobinn She talk? already at that haughty rate, That if great C<efar pleafe her Pride and Hate, And Ihc o’re him her boafted Empire have. Her Brother and her King muft be her Slave. No, no, wc needs muft Fruftrate that intent, Nor poorly wait the Ills we may prevent. Let’s fpoil her o f her Power todil'dain, And break thofe Charmes whereby {he hopes to Nor after fuch indignities let’s brook, ^reign j That {he fhould buy my Scepter with a look.