chapter  C
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P H O T I N U S . You’l fooner force it from a Sifters hand. How great focver now his flames appear, He muft be gone, and leave You Maitcr here. Love in fuch Men, fcldom that room can find, Which to their Intereft will ni^ t be rcfign’d. W ith Jubäy Scipio, and with Pompey* f Sons, Spain, to Revenge, he khows, with Affrickjuns : And while that Party are not yet o’rethrown, He cannot fafely call the World his own. Cxfar s too great a Captain, to o’refee The Purfuit o f Pharfalia's Vi&ory : And leave fuch fierce Hearts on revenge intent, T o rife from their fo late Aftonifhment. I f he his ends Obtain, and them o’recome, He his gain’d Empire muft fccure at Rome: And there the fruit o f his fuccefs en joy, W hilft he at pleafure docs her laws Deftroy. Judge in that time, what great things you may do, See Cxfar then, and ftrivc to pleafe him too. Rcfign him all, but yet this Rule intend, That future things on accidents Depend. Your Throne and Scepter give into his hand, And without murmur yield to his Command : He will believe that Jufticc he fhall do I f he your Father’s Teftamentpurfue •, Befides this fignal fervice you have done W ill give you ftill fome Title to your Throne.