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Command, bot think not to fubje&my will, Remember this, I am Cornelia ftill.

C a E S A R . O W orthy W idow o f a Man fo brave t W hofe Courage, Wonder, Fate does pity crave; Your generous Thoughts do quickly make us know T o whom your Birth, to whom your Love you owe; And we may find by your hearts glorious frame, Both to, and from what Families you Came ; Young Crajfus Soul, and noble Pompey's too, W hofe Vcrtues Fortune cheated of their due : The Scipio's Blood, who fav’d onr Deities, Speak in your Tongue, and fparkle in your Eyes; .And Rome her felf hath not an ancient Stem, W hofe W ife or Daughter hath more honour’d them: W ould to thofe Gods your Anceftors once fav*d, When Hannibal them at their Altars brav'd, That your dear Hero had declin’d this Port, And better known a falfe Barbarians C o u rt; And had not his uncertain Honour try’d, But rather on out ancient love rely’d ; That he had fufferedmy fuccefsful Arms, Only to vanquifh hisunjuft Allarm s; Then he without diftrufting me, had flay'd T ill he had heard what Ccefar could have faid; And I, in fpight o f all our former ftrife, W ould then havebeg’d him to accept o f life ; Forget nay Conquefl, and that Rival love, W ho fought, but that I might his Equal prove : Then I, with a content entirely great, Had pray'd the gods to pardon his D efeat; And giving me his Friendfhip to poffefs, He had pray’d Rome to pardon my fucccfs. But fince Fate, fo ambitious to dcftroy, Hath rob d the W orld and Us, o f fo much Jcy, Ctfar muft ftrivc t’acquit himfelf to you, O f what was your ilkftrious Husbands due : Enjoy your felf then with all freedom here,