chapter  C
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WHat ? with that Hand, and with t hat Sward A Viöim of th’ unhappy Pompey made,S a w you Septimius, fled from C<efar s hate,Give fuch a bloody period to his Fate ? A C H I L L A S .

He’s dead, Sir, and by that you may colled, W hat fhamc (forefcen by him jyou rauft e y p e d : C<efar you may by this flow anger know, The violent docs quickly come and go : But the confider’d indignation grows Stronger by age, and gives the fiercer b lo w s; In vain you hope his fury to aftwage, W ho now fccure, docs politick!)' rage ; He fafely for his Fame concern’d appears, Pompey alive abhor’d, he dead reveres: And of his Slaughter by this Art doth chufe, T o ad the vengeance, and yet make the ufe.