chapter  I
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no more fay, you filently fhould bear,

P T O L O M Y . Yes, yes, to this all Reafons do perfwadc 3 Let's fear no more the greatnefs we have made : Cafar fhall ftill from Us receive his Doom, And twice in one day we'll difpofe o f Rome 3 As Bondage firft, let’s Freedom next beftow 3 Let not thy Aöions, Cdefar, fwell thee fo 3 But call to mind what thou haft fcen me do, Pompey was mortal, and fo thou art too 3 Thou envy’dft him, for his exceeding thee, And I think thou haft no more lives than he 3 T h y own companion for his Fate, does fhew That thy heart may be penetrable too : Then let thy Juftice threaten as it pleafe, ’ Tis I, muft with thy Ruine, Romeappeafc 3 And o f that cruel mercy vengeance take, Which fpares a King, but for his Sifters fake. M y Life and Power fhall notcxpofcd be T o her Refentment, or thy Levity 3 Left thou, to morrow, fhould'ft at fuch a rate Reward her Love, or elfe revenge her Hate : More noble Maximes fhall my fearsexpel 9 Thou bad’ft me once tochufc my Vi&hns well, And my Obedience thou in this fhalt fee, W ho know no Viöim worthier than thee, North* Immolation o f whofe Blood will draw, Better acceptance from thy Son in law. But vainly, friends, we thus foment our Rage, Unlefs wc knew, what ftrength we could engage All this may be unprofitable heat,