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Which docs the head it threatens heft befit: For I could thine have had inftead of it \ Butrhat my hatred faw the difference great, Betwixt my Husbands murther and defeat : And I an earlier Punifhmenr would fee On their prcfumption, than thy Vi&ory. Tlii s is Rowes wifh, W hofe venerable brow T o this affront, too juft a blufh would ow e: I f her two Noblcft heads fhould (after aft Her Triumphs) with fo much difhonour fall. She, upon whom thou never could«ft impofe, Would fooner punifh Criminals thah Foes : Her Liberty would a misfortune grow, Tf upon ’Tiber Nile fhould it beftow. None but a Roman could hcrMafterbe, And but a Roman none fhould fet her free. Here thou would’ft fall to her unfacrific’d, And would’ft be murther’d fo, but not chaftis’d Nor would fuctecding Tyrants frighted be, For the Example too would die with thee. Revenge her thou, on TLgypts wrong, and I W ill her revenge upon Fbarfalia try. Adieu, no time in this fhould wafted be, Gothen, and boaft I once made vows for thee.