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The Traytors do againft my Right confpire. As my fupport, againft you they defign, And by your death, would make their way to mine : But though all this be to my anger known, Yet ’tis my Brother ftill that leads them on. D o you know that Sir, and may I obtain, It your dcfcrved furic may reftrain ? C ESAR.

Cover’d with Blood, and much more dead then h e; When I had curs’d the Royal Treachery, My wandring Feet were by my grief convey’d, W here yet the wind upon the Water plaid : Attcr long fearch, I on a Rock did Rand, And faw the Head lefs Trunk approach the Sand : Where th’ angry Wave, a pleafurc feem’d to take T o caft it off, and then to fnatch it back : I to it leap’d, and thruft it to the banks; Then gathering a heap o f Shipwrack’d Planks, An haity, artlefs Pile, I to him rais’d, Such as i could, and fuch as Fortune pleas’d. ’ Twas hardly kindled, when Heaven grew fo kind T o fend me help, in what I had dcfjgn’d. (Wrier,.an'Ancient Roman, who lives here, Returningfrom the City, fpy’dme there. And when he did a hcadlefs Carcafs view, By that fad mark alone he Tompey knew : Then weeping faid, O thou who c’re thou art, T o whom the. Gods fuch honours do impart, Thy fortune’s greater then thou doft believe, Thou fhalt rewards, not Punifhments receive. Cxfar' sin Egypt and Revenge declares, For him to whom thou pay’ft thefe Pious Cares,' Thefe Afhes to his W idow thou mayft bear In Alexandria, for now fhe is there­ By Tompey's Conquerour fo entertain’d, As by a God it would nor be difdam’d. C o on till I return : this faid, he went, And quickly brought me this fmall Monument. Then we, betwixt us, into it convey'd, That Hero's Afhes which the fire had made.