chapter  0
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That s fhed for Foes whom wc no longer fear! How foon revenge for others fills that brcft, Which tc it, is, by its own danger prefl ? And when the Care we take to right the dead Secures our Life and does our glory fpread. C<efar\s generous ’tis true, but he By the King wrong'd, and from his Rival free, M ight in an envious mind a doubt revive, W hat he would do were Pompey yet alive. His courage, his own fafety does provide, Which docs the Beauty o f his aäions hide. Love is concern'd in't too, and he does fight In Pompey s Caufe for Cleopatra's Right. So many Int’re/is with my Husband's met, Might to his Virtue take away my debt. But as Great Hearts judge by themfelves alone, I chufe to guefs his honour by my own ; And think we only make his fury fuch, Since in his Fortune I fhould do as much.