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A C H O R E U S . Neither your cares nor ours could fave him, who W ould die in fpight o f Cxfar, and o f You : But Madam, in the nobleft way he d y’d, That ever falling Monarch dignifi’d : His refiord Vertue did his Birth make good, And to the Romans dearly fold his blood. He fought Antonins with fuch noble heat, That on him he did fome advantage g e t: But Cxfar s coming alterd the event j AthiMas there after Fbotinus went : But fo as him did too much honour bring ; W ith Sword in hand he perifll’d for his King. Ofpare the King, in vain the Conquerour ery’d s T o him no hope but terrourit imply’d. For frighted, he thought Cxfar did intend But to refervc him to a (hameful end. He chargd, and broke our Ranks, bravelv to (heW W hat Virtue armed by dcfpair can do. By this mi/fake his vexed foül abus'd, Still fought thedeath which Hill was him refus’d. BreathlefsatlafV, with having fought and bled, Encompafs'd round, and hi^beft Souldiers dead, Into a Veffel which was near he leaps, And follow’d was by fuch tumultuous heaps, As by their number, overpreft, the Ship W ith all its fraight was fwallöw’d iü the Deep. This death recovers all hisdoft Renown* Cives Cxfar Fame, and You th' /Egyptian C row n : You were proclaim u,and though no Roman Sword Had touch’d the Life fomuch by you deplor'd, Cxfar extreamly did Concern’d appear * He fighs, and he complains: but fee him here,

W ho