chapter  6
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C O R N E L I A . C<i:far be juft, and me my Gallics yield, Achillas and Yhnt t^HS both are kill’d •, Nor could rhy fe&ned heart their Mafter fave, And Pompey here, no more revenge can have. This fatal fhore nothing does meprefent, But th’ Image of their horrible Attempt, And thy new Conqueft, with the giddy noife O f People who in change o f Kings rcjoyce : But what atfli&s me moft, is ftill to fee Such an obliging Enemy in Thee. Releafe me then from this inglorious pain, And fet my Hate ar liberty again. But yet before I go I muft requeft The Head of Pompey with his Bones may reft. Give it me then, as that alone, which yet lean with Honour at thy hands intreat.